Monday, March 31, 2008

Tommy and Jordan Wilde

"A friend will see you picking your nose and politely pretend they didn't see anything... a Best Friend will shove their finger up their nose and join in the fun."
-Candise Wilde

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Fever

I realize that this is a lame post, but I am so excited to see blossoms! - at my own house! Since we moved in in the fall last year, I had no idea what a lot of the bushes would flower like - and I am pleasantly suprised. I already have a few flowers - as you can see, and can not wait for my apple tree to blossom!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Disaster control

These past few weeks have been interesting to say the least. First of all, I am attempting to potty train him, so that means I wash a lot of mini underwear and review the yuckiness of pee and poo on the floor 5-10 times/day. Not to mention the extreme yuckiness of poo smooshed into the carpet with a tonka dump-truck.

Then, one morning a couple weeks ago I opened his door to discover waves of toxic fumes filling the room. He had melted 5 little plastic cars into his heater, and most likely destroyed billions of brain cells along with it, but what can you do?

Then, as you can see, he covered the bathroom in band-aids and soap- the smell of kiwi lime now makes me shudder.

All of this along with the fact that he is a maniac and climbs then jumps off of everything (notice picture number 3), and generally has more energy than any kid I've met so far.

Having said it all, he is still a sweetie, and cracks me up with all the new things he is learning to say and sing and do. So, Tommy, when you are old enough and read this just know that you are making me crazy, but its all worth it for you.

Sammy is the man

I honestly have no idea when my little angel turned into a gangster, but when I saw this picture there was no denying it. He is wearing the double hoodie and sunglasses so he could come outside while I did yardwork, but I didn't pose him or anything - he is just that hard core.

Along with his new look Sammy has added his ability to crawl! And he is following in his big brother's footsteps by immediately wanting to climb everything in sight. aaaaaaagggghhhh! why me?! The stairs are generally his ultimate goal, but he will settle for climbing the fireplace, buckets, stools, people, pretty much whatever is available.

Primary Carnival

On Friday night the Young Men put on a carnival for all of the Primary kids. They did a really good job, considering it's the young men. We all had a lot of fun.Tommy loved the bouncy castle, which only increased our belief that he would be happiest if we padded all the walls and floor in his play room and just let him jump around and throw himself into things.

This was one of the games Jesse and his teachers quorom were in charge of, Tommy and most of the kids, cheated and used their hands but it was still really cute.

This is Sister Mazerolle, Sammy's church mom. She takes him from me at the end of Sacrament each week and gives him back to me, fast asleep, at the end of Relief society. She held him for the entire primary party too. He loves her, and so do I!

Tommy obviously enjoyed the party, especially all the treats.

Yard Work

So in a quest to use up all of our valuable time and energy Jesse and I are attempting to remove this giant Ivy wall from our backyard. It was a beast that was the home to millions of hornets in the summer and was blocking us from evening out our yard so we can put in a trampoline and sand pit and swings....etc. We are almost done now, here is a look at the progress we have made so far. GO TEAM LEAVITT!