Tuesday, February 26, 2008


My cousin Melissa came up to visit me all last week and I had so much fun. She was the best kind of company, she helped clean up, played with the boys, slept in ridiculously late, pruned my apple tree, shared her delightful dried pineapple and made me laugh hysterically.

She and Sammy got along great, he won the "how much of your foot can you stick in your mouth" contest, just barely. Tommy had lots of fun too, and was very sad to see her go.

The River

The Fraser River is one of our favorite family spots to drive to and play, here are some pics of us recently doing just that.

Jesse teaching Tommy how to throw like a man

Tommy, really excited, I think because a train was coming. woot woot.

This picture shows not only Tommy's interest in fire pits, but also how far he waded into the river before we noticed.

This is me practicing my amazing form, yes, I know, I have really long fingers.


"Hi Donkey"
On Saturday we went to the Aldergrove Zoo, and although it may not be world renouwned, our little 2-year-old loved it from start to finish. Each animal we got to he leaned right over and said "Hi Lion", "Hi Rhino", and yes even "Hi Coyote" (really high-class zoo).

This is Tommy on the WAY to the zoo, it was only 9:30am!

We went with Grandma and Grandpa Leavitt, and Uncle Jeremy, who, Tommy decided he loves.

We should have taken the picture of him and the train before we rode it, apparently the whistle was quite frightening.
Tommy even said "hi" to this stone turtle about 10 times.


Sammy was born on August 16, 2007, and is the epitomy of an angel baby. He has slept throught the night since he was a month old (mostly), he hardly every cries, but mostly he smiles, all the time. I thought about giving him a soother, but then I figured -why? he doesn't cry and it would just be hiding his big smile. He loves his big brother. He even smiles and giggles while Tommy smushes blanckets in his face and tries to drag him around the room by one arm. He is precious.


Tommy was born on Nov. 2, 2005 and has been a wild boy since the first day he moved in my tummy. But man is he ever cute! He drives me nuts, especially since he has recenlty taken on the role of 'nursery bully' but then he starts to sing "I like to move it move it" and dance around the room and I just can't stay mad. He talks like crazy now, for better or worse, and has definatley said some funny things. Recently on visit to the Harvey's house for dinner he told Mary directly that he didn't "like the food" - it was hilarious/horrifying. He also apolgizes all the time - I'm always worried that he has done something bad. Mostly I love that he tells me he loves me and gives me kisses and hugs voluntarily.