Sunday, February 1, 2009

SYTYCDC the concert!

Me and some of my girls went to the So You Think You Can Dance Canada concert when it came to Vancouver. Even my very bestie, Tams, came out from Calgary to visit and go to the concert too. We had so much fun, getting ready, riding public transit and screaming like teenage girls.

Candise came over early to get ready you remember those days? I felt like I was 17 all over again. And yes, I am even hard-core when I get ready.

Just before we left Jesse told Tommy that mommy was weird, whatever, what does he know?

Riding the sky train downtown. We decided to drive Candise's car to the station because it was the least likely to be stolen.

This is us and our super great seats. If you look behind us you can see the suprising amount of middle aged men.

Isaac and Allie doing a pretty sweet hip hop routine.

We are all very excited!...why you ask, well just scroll down.

TWITCH!! Possibly the awesomest dancer from any season of SYTYCD, twitch, showed up at the concert during half time and it was definately a highlight. He sat just a bit in front of us, and I kept watching him to see what he thought of all the dances.

The dancers. The concert was so amazing.

Chinese New Years

We have an annual Chinese New Years Party, not because we are Chinese, or follow their calendar at all, but it is a really good excuse to eat lots of chinese food and leave all the kids at home.
Sammy was awake for the start of the party, I really only kept him up to show of his cute chinese PJs and hat. Tommy had his first big sleep-over with Grandma, it was wonderful.
My chinese centerpiece

Candise and Vanessa, what a cute couple.

We play a big "crazy rook" tournament. Jesse stayed at table #5 for most of the night. And no Josh, I was not trying to cheat by taking this picture.

Some girls at the 'loser' table, it was in the playroom and you had to play on an ikea kids table and chairs.

Some men at table four, this is my favorite picture, I'm not sure why, but the group of them make me laugh every time.

Ken and Barbie, I mean Mike and Steph...always ready for the perfect pose.

Some more of the players. I looks like the boys just got beat, and the girls are pretty happy about it.

The winners table, I can tell because they got TWO bowls of treats.

Winter Wonderland

Although I was raised in Alberta I have become a bit of a cold wimp since moving to Vancouver, so it was a big suprise to me and my boys when the snow just kept coming this winter.

On Christmas Eve we all played out in the snow a bit, there was so much we had to shovel our way around. Lindsay was going to build a snow fort, but instead we made it into a giant slide.

Sammy was just like the kid from "Christmas Story", he just kept falling over in his snowsuit. It was adorable.
But once he got outside it was all worth it.
Tommy admiring the petite snowman we built. The snow was so hard to roll! had been rained on a couple of times and was pretty icy.
Sammy wasn't a fan of the mittens while Tommy was a big fan of giant ice chunks.
He told me he was "looking for something"

He might look innocent enough but turn around for one second and he'll throw that ice chunk at your back.

Tommy loved the snow and kept going out in the backyard with literally only his boots on.

I told him he had to dress warmer, this was his solution.

We found the perfect tobogganing hill, Grandma and Grandpa's road, clearly there weren't many cars coming and going - look how much snow we had.

Sammy warmed up to the snow eventually. He wouldn't hold onto the sled so that he kept tipping over.

We also made a slide for the kiddies down Granpa's lawn.
Tommy on top of the mountain formed when we shoveled our sidewalk. I thought I lived in Vancouver?!