Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April in a nutshell

April was a busy month, I turned 23, again, at the beginning of the month, and had a good birthday, thank you to everyone who remembered. Jesse and I went to see a play that was weird and artistic, we feel very hip. Then there was Easter - which was nice, we had an Easter party with all the little kiddies around my boys age and their mommies. They searched for eggs in the backyard and then just played there for awhile, it was such a beautiful day for an outside party. I love Vancouver because spring actually means warm. I taught a class at our stake relief society women's conference, which consumed my thoughts for most of the month - I only took a break to read "the confessions of fitzwilliam darcy" - which for all of you P&P fans out there, was amazing. The boys are loving being outside and I'm loving getting out of the house's easier to ignore the laundry that way. Here are some pics from this month, sorry it's all just one big clump, I'll try better next time.

Tommy reading some weird mag on the potty - honestly not a set-up.

Sammy is getting so big, and he loves to eat, a nice break from picky Tommy.
When I ask Tommy to smile for the camera he insists on being weird - how long will this last?Sammy loves to ride his bike - and I promise I fixed his hair after awhile, but it's very hard to cut a 1-year-old's hair!Tommy with his head under at swim lessons, he was the only one in his class who would.The boys got cold so Daddy made them their own personal hot tubs.Playing at the park.No, we don't make him wear a helmet all day(although I've considered it), this is just a stop on a long bike ride.

"New Moon" sets in Vancouver

For those of you in the know, they are filming the second movie in the twilight saga here in vancouver, and I would be sad if I missed out on the opportunity to see some of the sets they are filming at. I am trying to avoid full-on stalking by only seeing the sets when they are not filming, and I have not yet hung around outside their hotel...although the thought has crossed my mind. It has taken some serious researching skills to discover the sets, mainly done by Candise, including, google-earth, twitter, fan-websites, youtube and a bunch of emails sent out pretending to be teenagers who write lol and :) all the time. Kudos to you Candise. But all of it has paid off and we have been to 3 of the sets.

First, what is believe to be Sam's house (confirmed by a questionable source).

Second, Jacob's house, where, althought filming was done there was still a big scary security guard who chased us away, it was all very exciting.

and finally, we went to the site where they rebuilt Bella's house, but I don't have any sweet pics yet because there was a cop there who wouldn't let people pass because apparently they were filming. we did see the forks cop-car, and as you can see, a bunch of teenage girls who had been hanging out there waiting for their chance to see the stars for over 9 hours. We'll go back again in a couple days when filming should be done, to get some good pics of the house. this site is actually only about 15 minutes away from my place, so ya, whatevs, we're cool.

We went back to the site today, because we heard they were done filming and it was great! we saw Bella's house up close, the security guard was super chill and just wouldn't let us go around the front or side of the house. Yes, that is the window that Edward comes in and that in this movie Jacob jumps out.They also had all the cars parked there, this pic shows bella's truck, the forks cop car and alice's car, the bikes were there too, you just can't see them.And my partner in spying - Candise, we had so much fun finding all the sets,now I feel like reading the books again.