Friday, June 25, 2010

Mama Mia Remixed

Sammy LOVES to sing Mama mia, when he was even smaller and could barely talk he used to sing 'super trooper' all the time. People in stores would come up and ask me "is your kid singing ABBA?" and I would answer "yes, yes he is" - Naturally I was very proud of him. Now he loves to sing 'mama mia' and he always requests it - it was even our opening song for family home evening last week. This video is a treasure to me, and will always remind me of his 'mama mia' phase.


Kate said...

That's awesome! Jason thinks his next hit should be AC/DC's Highway to Hell. I'm sure nothing will make you feel more like a good mother than toddler profanity in public.

The Swan Family said...

That is adorable Emily!!! I also love love loved seeing Tommy on the floor cuddling Eddie! You sure have some sweet boys!

Jolanda said...

That is so cute! Now I think I need to break out some of our ABBA to see if my kids like it. And I LOVE your photo wall, now I am thinking I need to paint all my black frames on my photo wall white.

Are you going home this summer??

Sarah said...

I love your boys! They are so cute. Who doesn't love Abba?

I, like Jo, also noticed and loved your photo wall. Love it!