Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tommy on a two-wheeler

For Christmas last year my dad gave Tommy a 'running bike', which is a bike with no pedals and no training wheels and you just run a bit then lift up you legs and ride the bike. They are how Europeans teach their kids to ride bikes in stead of training wheels. They totally work! He was awesome on his running bike, and really loves it, then one of your neighbors gave us a two-wheeler bike with no training wheels, so we decided to let Tommy try it. He rode around our culdesac on the very first try, all by himself! It was amazing. He is not yet 3 1/2 and he can ride his two-wheeler like a pro. The whole culdesace has come out to cheer him on and talk about how cool it is that he can ride. The only problem is that he is still a little bit too small for his bike so we have to help him get on it, so I try to get him to ride non-stop as much as he can around and around the culdesac.
This is Tommy telling me how many times he has ridden his bike around the culdesac so far. This is Tommy's very first try.


krystyn said...

whoo!! go tommy! am i surprised by this? not at all. h'es gonna grow up to be a stunt man i'm sure of it.

Beeswax said...

IMy tommy just turned 3, and he isn't ready for the two wheeler. Is impressive!

Philip, Melissa, & Summer said...

Wow! That is awesome. Summer broke her bike in the garage last year, and we have been making her earn half the money to get a new one.

Maybe she will be two wheeling it soon too. Congrats Tommy.

Oh, and I love the crafty scarf. I did not know you could knit.

melissa said...

Oh man, I love that little Tommy! That kid kills me! I'm so glad you've started blogging your life. Clearly I'm behind the times as I'm just figuring this out, but whatevs.